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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 4, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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they're rebooting and trying to handle your generosity. and for such a good cause, this from bob in florida, how did it feel to stand in the presence of greatness. it was amazing, bob. and i'm so honored on a day like this to have that opportunity. thank you all for watching. happy independence day. here's gregg jarrett in for shepard. >> i'm gregg jarrett, the news begins anew on "studio b." a record heat and deadly storms has not kept folks from getting out to mark the 4th of july in d.c. and all over the country. we'll show you how americans are safely celebrating. can a woman convicted of killing her husband inherit his property? one court's ruling may surprise you. plus, officials in one town apparently rethinking a law that puts limits on american flags at gravesites all ahead unless breaking news changes everything
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on "studio b." happy independence day. first from fox at 3:00, 4th of july celebrations are underway across the nation but continuing power problems, drought conditions and threat of more wildfires all have some cities and towns changing things up this year. officials in the chicago area, for example, canceled or postponed more than half a does fireworks shows because of damage from the weekend storm. police in denver saying they're cracking down on illegal fireworks to prevent more wildfires. several colorado cities canceled official fireworks events because of the dry conditions. in west virginia, people are concerned about getting supplies after the weekend super storm. >> we're putting out over 100,000 meals today, our national guard. and 40 tractor-trailer loads of water every single day. >> power is still out for nearly
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a million people throughout the mitt mid-atlantic, many in the fifth straight day out electricity. areas around the nation's capital among the hardest hit and crews are getting things up and running. despite that, folks there and across the country are out celebrating america's 236th 236th birthday. steve, the heat is still a big issue, right? >> that's right. that's the big problem here. just a sizzling hot day. a lot of people deciding not to come down and make a long day of it because it's too hot. we expect most of the crowds to come later when it starts to cool off. but it began with a old-fashioned 4th of july parade down constitution avenue. lots of floats and marching bands. they had to struggle with the heat but a lot of people lining the sidewalks and family fun and
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they enjoyed that. people who did have problems with the heat have places to go here because there are some cooling centers stationed around the mall. we can look at one of those. doctors are there waiting and ready to treat people if needed. lots of water stocked up, fans, they could get cold packs if they're in serious trouble and cool off and resume the festivities after that. >> steve, the city could get hit with even more bad weather tonight. how are officials preparing for that? >> nothing like the big storm that caused so much problem but any hot summer day in d.c. you . today is a 50/50 chance and they're prepared. here's part of the plan from bill line from the u.s. park service. >> if we get to a point where in that 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, range we have enough thunderstorms that contain lightning, heavy winds,
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certainly we will implement the safe haven program and evacuate the mall as we have done three times in the last ten. >> if people would go to the museums, other large federal office buildings and cool and wait for the storm to pass, they could come out and watch the fireworks at 9:00. they've only been canceled once in 25 years so it's a sure bet we'll see skyrockets high. >> steve, stay cool. thank you very much. as for the weather, the intense heat continues across much of the midwest stretching south and east and we're seeing dangerously high temperatures, triple digits. the latest from janice dean in the fox extreme weather center. where is the worst? >> the the heartland. a potential for high heat in the
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mid middle east. the midwest and ohio river valley, 100 to 110 degrees. people are urged to stay indoors, barbecue then head in and drink lots of water, check on little ones and elderly, neighbors and keep your pets indoors. the current temperatures, 101 in north plat, these are actual temperatures. not factoring the humidity where it could feel from 110 to 115. hundreds across the board. 96 in tulsa, 96 in oklahoma city. 99 in memphis. great lakes, ohio valley. 101 in chicago. 102 in st. louis, 100 in nashville. back to you, greg. >> those are incredible. we talked a moment ago about additional storms on the way. is that true?
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>> absolutely. when you have that heat, you've got all of that available moisture as well and the instability. we could see the potential for storms, so there's your severe threat across the upper midwest, great lakes, mid-atlantic, that were hit hard. hail, damaging winds, certainly an isolated tornado and heavy downpours so keep an eye to the sky and listen to the weather forecast, especially if you're outdoors enjoying the 4th of july festivities. we're getting much needed moisture where we have wildfires burning, severe threat for parts of minnesota through wisconsin where we could see large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes, also a threat across the great lakes and the northeast. so again, keep a close ear to your local weather forecast and keep an eye to the sky and be careful. >> no more deratios. >> so far.
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>> thank you very much. >> a wildlife alert and new fire erupted in california last night. this one's north of los angeles. look at the scene in palm dale, the fire burned more than 250 acres. a number of ranch homes are in the area and fire crews say it appears they're not in danger but back to colorado. the denver post reports the waldo canyon fire caused at least $110 million in property damage so far. it's reportedly the most destructive in state history. the fire in colorado springs, that one has damaged and destroyed hundreds of homes and are burned several neighborhoods almost entirely to the ground. we're live in denver with the latest. and there any new danger for folks in colorado springs? >> there is. the national weather service issued a flash flood watch for the burned out area of the waldo canyon fire and downstream.
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that fire is 80% contained but flooding is a danger after wildfires with a potential for many of runoff to create life-threatening problems. there are fires burning all over the west. in utah, several vehicles were burned and evacuations in salt lake city after a brush fire ignited there. >> conditions are extreme. it's as dry as it can be. there hasn't been water or moisture in a month and winds are high. you put all three together and it's an explosive situation. >> much of the west is experiencing drought-like or drought conditions which makes for extreme fire conditions. >> 4th of july celebrations, that could be a dangerous combination, right? >> it really can. that's why so many municipalities decide today cancel their official fireworks shows this year. also in denver, authorities are
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actually on patrol because according to a lot of local reporting here, the number of fireworks calls are down and neighbors are much more aggressive about pointing cops in the right direction because so many people are worried about this threat. in colorado, the ban on fireworks simply comes down to resources. >> some of our volunteer firefighters from bolden have been working the fires in colorado so we know firsthand they're stressed. they're tired. they've been working so hard and there's no reason for us to take more resources to put on something like a fireworks display when it's not necessary to stress those resources more. >> as you can imagine, greg, there have been complaints about the cancellation of the fireworks shows but authorities say it comes down to safety. >> safety first, common sense. all right, thank you very much. lying about receiving a medal may be morally outrageous. not a crime, though, not
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anymore. just ahead, veterans plans to fight back against a u.s. supreme court decision. >> months of maneuvering and secretary of secretary of state hillary clinton saying she's sorry but pakistan is ready to reopen what the fight was really all about. if you're a family making less than $250,000 a year, you will not see your taxes go up. . .
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>> welcome back, after a seven month stalemate pakistan set to reopen supply routes into afghanistan tomorrow. that's the word from folks there. pakistan closed off a series of border crossings after a nato air strike killed 24 pakistani troops forcing the u.s. to deliver supplies in afghanistan at a price tag of a whopping
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additional $100 million per month. pakistan ended the blockade after the secretary of state hillary clinton said this week the u.s. was sorry for pakistan's losses. with us, fox news contributor judith miller, at the manhattan institute. good to see you. was it about money and only getting more expensive as troops began to withdrawal? >> exactly. it was a lot, a lot of money, even when people say it's not about the money, it is about the money. >> we said we're sorry, we apologize becaused we wanted to save money. >> we didn't offer a formal apology. hillary clinton was sorry about the losses and extended condolences to the families of those soldiers killed but the u.s. says our investigation shows both sides were responsible so it fell short of the formal a word, the apology
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pakistan was seeking. >> pakistan -- this is outrageous, they were trying to extort $5,000 per vehicle to go across their roads, which is absurd. we said we're not going to do that but in the end, we gave them $1.2 billion ostensibly for the cost of pakistan's counterinsurgency. >> that's the quid pro quo. the $250 per vehicle remains the same but there's an offput. there's an offset. that's the way this thing has been resolved. this is really -- you know what this is, a bad relationship. this is a relationship that was toxic and now it's slightly less -- >> this is going to anger a lot of people. pakistan may have been complicit in harbor osama bin laden. they're known to support the
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taliban. pakistan has done little to crackdown on militants to attack american soldiers and now we issue an apology. >> we have to maintain a relationship with a state called pakistan that has 100 nuclear weapons, 185 million people, many of whom do not like the united states and don't want do business with the united states until such a time as we can withdraw from afghanistan. this is a pragmatic calculations. >> this comes on the heels of the president apologizing to the leader of afghanistan, which is now prompted his critics to deride him as the apologist in chief. victor davis hanson at the hoover institution wrote this. the apologies context utilizations and bowing were trivial but added to the sense of u.s. dissidents and decline. does he have a point?
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>> he has a point and it's interesting that mitt romney's book is called no apology. and he immediately criticized the president for letting hillary clinton apologize. however, let's get real here. this is all about strategy, it's all about american requirements. we needed to get this relationship back on track and we're going to do that and we've done that. until the next disruption. >> to be fair, president obama apologized to the iraqi leaders over a comparable incident in 2008 i believe it was. to be fair. >> war means sometimes having to say you're sorry. >> it's a different kind of love story. >> a different kind. exactly. >> always great to see you. >> it's perfectly legal to lie about having received a medal of honor, that according to the u.s. supreme court which ruled the stolen valor act of 2005 is
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a violation of the first amendment, free speech. the act made it a crime to lie about receiving military medals but it ruling came on the same day as the healthcare law decision. it revolved around the man you see here a year after the law went into effect, he was elected to a local water board in california and introduced himself as a retired marine who received the medal of honor. it was all a lie. prosecutors charged him and he pled guilty. then he decided well i'll challenge the constitutionality of the stolen valor act and won in a 6-3 supreme court decision. jennifer griffin is live in washington. what is the reaction from veterans groups? >> they were disappointed but not surprised that is as justice anthony kennedy wrote the 1st amendment protects the speech can he detest as well as the speech we embrace. >> obviously the veterans of foreign wars were disappointed
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but we also look at it as an opportunity. the court in their ruling explained why they disagreed with the law. and i think we have an avenue to move forward to fix it and that's what we plan to do. >> we're going to continue to out these phonies as often as possible. a lot of times we get apologies after the fact when people realize future employers, perspective employers look on the internet and find their name and the fact they lied about service. >> those that lie about their service tend to say they received the highest awards for valor, medal of honor and service crosses. >> what do the groups plan to do? >> they plan to reintroduce new, more narrow stolen valor law that the court will find constitutional. in fact, congressman joe heck,
12:20 pm
republican from nevada, already introduced the new stolen valor law in may. that bill focuses on the legality of lying about military medals in service. the supreme court dangling a carrot out there to veterans groups and congress to try again from justice anthony kennedy's majority ruling,let statements were not made to secure employment or financial benefits or privileges. veterans groups feel confident a more narrow stolen valor act is constitutional. it's not clear whether the aclu will agree. >> jennifer. thank you very much. >> just because a jury convicted of woman of murdering her husband doesn't mean she can't inherit his money. that's the decision from a court of appeals. our legal panel gets into it next. plus iran's leaders say their new missiles can hit israel and american military
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>> the burden of proof is beyond preponderance. >> all the court was saying is you have to go to trial and
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prove it. the prior conviction and admissible evidence but what the daughter wanted was summary judgment. i don't want to have to prove it. she was convicted. i shouldn't have to prove t the court said you have to go through the motion. reality is she's going to prevail? a civil proceeding. >> fred, do you agree? >> i agree with that. the bottom line is in a civil case, because it's a preponderance, the minute the jury is told she was convicted, case closed. >> that's right. >> are you sure, jennifer, that that's admissible? the opinion of one jury gets introduced to influence the opinion of another jury? what ever happened to just the evidence presented in the four corners of a courtroom? >> the court of appeals in tennessee said without doubt it is admissible evidence. >> they may have gotten that wrong. >> assuming that the prejudice
12:27 pm
doesn't outweigh the probative value. most courts will say if convicted under a higher standard it's probative. >> doesn't feel right to me. >> it's funny, i got a -- it feels right to me. she's been convicted beyond a reasonable doubt. it's admissible in a civil case. we learned about collateral he is stop the and it feels right. >> my eyes use today glaze offense. fred, jennifer, stick around because we're going to talk about another case later on. >> thanks. >> a terrorist group reportedly claims responsibility for some deadly attacks in syria. a live report on into straight ahead. plus, word of a major scientific advance that could unlock some of the biggest mysteries of our universe. that is coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour, time now for the top of the news.
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i'm gregg jarrett and this is "studio b." nearly two weeks after syrian officers shot down a turkey reconnaissance jet they found the body of the pilots. the jet briefly and accidentally flew into sirran air space but the turkish prime minister vowed to respond. in an interview, bashar al-assad said he regretted the incident.
12:32 pm
witnesses say the massacres continue in syria. amateur videotape appears to show intense shelling in the city of homs the same day un observers tried to visit the area. we cannot confirm the authenticity. the syrian opposition claims 800 people died in the uprising this week. syria's government blaming the violence on armed terrorists. leland vitter is live in the newsroom. we're learning a group possibly inspired by al-qaeda is claiming responsibility for some of these attacks. >> exactly. especially the large scale car bombs. it's called the al-nusra front, a spinoff of al qaeda. it complicates things for the united states and allies. we've had a narrative which said assad is evil and the rebels are
12:33 pm
good. all of a sudden you toss in al-qaeda and it changes dynamic. al-nusra front vows to avenge the death of civilians like here outside of damascus. this is video of an attack on a suburb. the appears the violence is getting closer to the capital of damascus, not good for president assad. the other thing is he's running out of friends. he only has russia and iran left and the u.s. strategy and that of britain and france is to go after russia and convince them that continuing to support assad is a losing proposition. >> tensions are rising on the border with turkey, correct? >> absolutely. this is key because turkey is a member of nato. that means if there starts to be a shooting match between syriand ad turks it could draw the united states in. turkey has scrambled f16's a number of times to intercept
12:34 pm
syrian helicopters heading towards the border. there have been no shots fired and clearly if this turns into a war between turkey and syria on a highly militarized border it would not end well for the syrians and the turks support the rebels. if things spin out of control, you can have a case where u.s. fighter jets all of a sudden have to patrol the skies and be threatened by sir ran air defense which shot down one turkish plane. >> leland vitter. thank you. the iranian government today warning it can and will attack israel and nearby u.s. military bases should the u.s. or israel launch military strikes against iran. the iranians said they would be able to do so within minutes. iran and much of the west have been in a diplomatic stand off.
12:35 pm
many world governments are deeply skeptical. today's threat comes as the iranian military continues a large scale military drill that includes testing of medium-range missiles. the latest threats and war games are having an effect on oil prices already. in fact the price of a barrel of crude jumped nearly $4 yesterday after iran held a missile test though it did drop back a bit today. with us, a chairman of the national eagles and angels association. george is a money management advisor. we have reports that the iranian parliament voted to close the strait of hormuz. they could lay thousands of high-tech chinese and
12:36 pm
russian-made minus. one fifth of the world's oil travels through that two-mile stretch of water. wouldn't that cause a major oil supply disruption and trigger a economic global downturn? >> yes. yes both to those questions. you know, it is expected that you could see oil prices as high as $200 a barrel, a double from here if those straits were closed. or if there was a ensuing battle or military event there. so you could see prices double pretty click. >> that means, we'd pay a lot at the pumps. what about the european union embargo on oil. that kicked in on sunday. i read the international energy agency says that could become the biggest supply disruption from a member of opec since libya.
12:37 pm
could those sanctions have the unintended consequence of driving up prices at the pumps here at home? >> yeah, pricing are on the way up. we've enjoyed a lull here in prices. mainly due to the fact that consumers in america, consumers in europe, the chinese manufacturing and india manufacturing slowdown, plus everybody has increased their production in anticipation of this july 1st iranian eu date for the sanctions. so the fact is as you had less consuming, and you had more output. but now that's over and you're seeing crude production in america is up. but the actual -- the actual imports and the consumption is driving things back to where we don't have as much supply. supplies are dropping even though they've built up imports and domestic production. >> bottom line to viewers here in america, if both those things
12:38 pm
happen, the strait of hormuz is closed and of course if these eu sanctions really began to kick up the price of oil, how bad could it get in america for our viewers who have to go to the pumps every week? >> if it's just the eu sanctions, i think you're going to see in the 4o $5 range. i think that there's been a lot of preparation, a lot of excess supply has been put on saudi arabia is putting out a tremendous amount of oil. everybody's anticipated that and prepared for that. that's also offset by the global slowdown. so you have less consumption, now, strait of hormuz, if that gets closed you're talking 160 to $200 a barrel and prices at the pump double from where they are now. low 3's. >> we're moving our forces and mind sweepers into the region to clearly that's a possibility.
12:39 pm
george, thank you so much. happy independence day to you. >> thank you. now to a discovery some scientists call the biggest in decades. researchers in switzerland found strong evidence of what appears to be the long sought so called god particle, also known as the higgs boson. experts say it could be the key to explaining how and why the universe came to be. it's named for physicist peter higgs who predicted its existence and today got a standing ovation before he spoke about the discovery. >> i would like to add my congratulations to everybody involved in this tremendous achievement. for me, it's really an incredible thing that's happened in my lifetime. >> this is not like other ordinary particles, we're reaching into the fabric of the universe at a level never done.
12:40 pm
>> greg joins us live with more. greg, try to explain, you know, your physics background notwithstanding such a big deal. >> it explains so much. here is how they did it. the scientists used a massive atom smasher, the european center for nuclear research, or cern, recreated the big bang, a starting point are theocracy creation of the universe. then they looked and found that sub atomic particle, which is all the other particles it and it's field comes into contact with, pulls things together, gives them so i see and shape. a building block of everything in the universe. that's why he comes up with a significant name, god particle. >> and scientists say this is just the beginning, right?
12:41 pm
>> yeah. incredibly. even though they've done all this work and made these statements and say there's only a one in a million chance that this could be a fluke, they call it preliminary. they want to confirm it. they think perhaps it might be a variation, perhaps it could be something different but they think they found something very big. that's why they were so pleased today but they might have more work ahead in the weeks and months and years to come. >> i know physics was not your strong suit but you've done a fine job explaining a difficult subject. >> i try. >> thank you very much. critics say is a new ad by the obama campaign is unfair and untrue and also incredibly effective. the bane strategy and how the romney camp is responding.
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president obama's campaign team is sticking with its attack line claiming the former massachusetts governor mitt romney exported american jobs at bain capital. the romney campaign denies those claims but in the obama campaign ad released yesterday, they say while governor romney's companies were pioneers in outsourcing u.s. jobs, president obama is committed to, quote, insourcing. governor romney's campaign airing a new tv ad, a counter ad in swing states, featuring a clip from secretary of state hillary clinton when a candidate for president in 2008 and it ends with then senator clinton saying shame on you barack obama. with us, john helinko. a consultant to the obama campaign in 2008. now president and c.e.o. of the marketing firm. also, john brehmic, a member of
12:46 pm
the romney campaign new jersey committee. good to see you both. john, let me start with you, the obama campaign ad may be entirely misleading and untrue but it seems to be effective. romney's negative in swing states is on the rise big time. so its effect active, right? >> at the end of the day, if the issue's jobs and the economy, i don't think it's a contest. if people want to vote and decide who they want to change the direction. >> you know negative ads work which is why everybody uses them. >> i don't argue -- the only thing bad about negative is going negative second. the role question is, how long does that stick? it's untrue to begin with. they blow it out of proportion. independents -- a survey shows 10% above where they were before, breaking towards romney. >> several fact checking organizations looked into president obama's ad and they found it's a pure fabrication.
12:47 pm
let me put two up. "the washington post" fact checker gave it four pinocchios, misleading, unfair and untrue. here's what the group wrote, we found no evidence to support the claim that romney, while still running bain capital, shipped american jobs overseas. is the president being blatantly dishonest? >> no, i think mitt romney said he's a jobs creator. he didn't say he created jobs in china. it's very fair to -- >> they found no evidence. >> the company did. there's question and the "washington post" didn't retract its story. >> "the washington post" fact checker gave it four pinocchios. >> they didn't retract it. >> there are a lot of dishonest reporters who don't retract. >> mitt romney wants to talk about his record as job creator. as governor he was 47 out of 50.
12:48 pm
if you were having an operation with 50 doctors in the room, would you choose number 47? >> the romney campaign running the hillary ad from 2008, attacking the president for vicious lies. clinton cries out shame on you, barack obama, spending millions of dollars perpetuating fallshoods. that's extreme for the romney campaign. >> just as extreme as the other side of the fence. the issue is president obama really never had a private sector job, so how do you actually proceed as the leader of the free world without that business experience? and i think that's what the average person sees. they see someone who is a social engineering leader, not a business leader. >> john, maybe charles krauthammer was right when he predicted in april president obama will run the nastiest campaign you've ever seen. grab the kids, take a shower,
12:49 pm
you'll have to wash over every day. >> both sides will run nasty campaigns. negative ads work and people are talking about a billion dollars on each side. i wouldn't be surprised if it was two or three times that. look, it's bad for the country but you can't unilaterally disarm. in a boxing match, you have to swing back. >> good to see the two johns with us today. happy independence day. >> thank you. all right, and ordinance in one town limits when you can place american flags at gravesites but it's causing controversy and officials are willing to discuss changing the law. our legal panel is back to debate it next. what can i get you ? cheeseburger. you know what, got any salads ? b-ball, anyone ? and then take your leg wide out to the side.
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there's a new rule limiting flags at a north texas cemetery that's created a controversy. city officials say wait a minute, maybe we better reconsider this. that city ordinance says flags must be gone within 21 days of burial unless in a approved container. city officials say it was to keep the cemetery neat and orderly and say flags are fine year-round, as long as they're in vases or something similar. flags honoring veterans and volunteer firefighters are allowed without restriction in the weeks before and after memorial day and veterans day. what about independence day? back to our lawyers now. jennifer, the supreme court, if i recall, has said flags are covered by the first amendment, free speech, an expression of your beliefs. so isn't this a violation of the constitution?
12:54 pm
>> yeah. arguably it is an infringement on people's way of expressing their love and honor for loved ones but it's a stupid idea. you have to wonder what these lawmakers are doing there that this is on their priority list, given all of the issues that are affecting our communities. it's a bad idea. it seems as if they didn't consult their own community in determining whether or not this was a ordinance the community supported. >> the best i can tell is the city council didn't provide a justification for this, did they? >> look, i'm going to defend them. given a choice between hanging out with lawyer or politician or veteran i'll take the veteran every time. having said that, i'll defend the town. what the town did is passed this ordinance and they think they need to back away but the question is whether or not under the first amendment it's legal.
12:55 pm
it was given to us by veterans, not politicians or lawyers. we have to put our emotions aside. it's content neutral. frankly, the people that it works a hardship on is the vfw that puts flags on the graves. >> if they were worried about a messy cemetery, that's a small burden to bear. >> absolutely. they need to deal with maintain issues another way. you don't issue a ban on the families of veterans because you don't want to -- people -- it's hard to clean up the cemetery. figure out another way to deal with the maintenance. >> it's not a ban, you have to put the flags in a vase and -- >> why, fred. >> it wasn't a safety issue. it's not a proper regulation. no one's getting hurt. this is because they don't want to do the maintenance. >> i don't understand why it has to be in a vase. if you stick it firmly in the ground that might be better and stand longer.
12:56 pm
>> yeah, you know why? actually unfortunately this comes down to dollars and cents. in a vase, it's off the ground and they can cut the grass with a mower as opposed to having to trim it. i bet you that's what it comes down to. >> jennifer, isn't that reasonable? we have to leave it at that because i'm getting a hard count. fred, jennifer, great to see you. a man who lost both his legs and just qualified to compete. we'll tell you in what. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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>> finally a double amputee runner is heading to the london olympics, the first double amputee to compete. oscar pistorius lost his legs when 11 months old. he runs on carbon blades and now is expected to draw a huge crowd when he competes. his selection was a last-minute surprise. he said it was one of the happiest days of his life. co


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